Treatment with Generic Sildenafil

Other generic versions of the famous Viagra brand are safe medications for treating erectile dysfunction. Men will get hard-on after consuming such medicines as all generic medicines contain Sildenafil, the substance working to produce erections in the body of a male. Erections produced by generic Sildenafil can last for around six hours and let males have best moments during sexual intercourse.

Sildenafil functions by making the supply of blood trouble-free in the area within the penis. Sildenafil Citrate is the approved ingredient, a PDE-5 inhibitor working upon stimulation. Whichever the cause of importance is, Sildenafil is sure to cope with lack of erections. It helps to get the desired erection and experience a continuing sexual act. Generic Sildenafil is available in the doses of 50 mg and 100 mg. The most recommended dose is 50 mg pill which should be used without chewing or crushing. Usually it takes about 40 minutes for the main component to mix with blood and provide an erection.

Take this medicine before having sex. A pill of 50 mg or 100 mg should be taken with water. Light meal is not a matter to trouble about. Still if you eat a large dinner or meals that contain lots of fats, generic Sildenafil action may be delayed.

The water intake helps to achieve quick absorption of the medication in your bloodstream. Never use alcohol to drink with generic Sildenafil. The interaction may occur. Provided that you use the medicine correctly you most probably will experience only positive effects.

In cases of improper use or in some hypersensitive patients generic Sildenafil may induce unwanted effects such as pain in the stomach, vision problems, headaches and runny nose. To prevent any risks of side effects, apply this medicine as directed and never mix it with nitrate medicines.

The combination with nitrates is the most dangerous for Sildenafil as it may lead to serious drop in blood pressure and other problems related to this. Internet pharmacies, online shops offer different medicines which contain Sildenafil. This is the best way to purchase generic Sildenafil pills, as you can order the medicine right from your home.

Use Generic Viagra for Long-Running Sexual Life

Lots of males after 45-50 years spend much time finding the best possible treatment for their poor erectile abilities called impotence. They are searching for the affordable and regular treatments. Unfortunately, many of them don’t even know that buying generic medicines can be very beneficial in all the aspects of treatment and spending money.

Generic Viagra is the clear idea of how to get the best therapy for impotence at the most reasonable price. This medicine contains sildenafil citrate, the generic chemical which you can find in the branded Viagra. Sildenafil works to improve the erections in men who need this. This medicine does not have any effect on the libido of a male.

Sildenafil is used orally before having love and requires from a man to be sexually stimulated. Pharmaceutical manufacturers which produce generic Viagra are concerned about the effective and reasonably priced generic version of original brand Viagra. The same way they think about the safety of their product.

Generic Viagra is very safe medicine which, if used properly, does not cause any health trouble to the consumer. Generic Viagra is for men who really need to deal with erectile dysfunction. It can become a great positive experience of normal sexual activity for males who cannot achieve erections and for those who cannot sustain their erections for long.

Sildenafil citrate 100 mg is the highest possible dosage recommended by doctors. The lower dosages of 25 and 50 mg are also on hand for consumers’ convenience. The dosages of this medicine promote enduring sexual intercourse if used about 30-45 minutes before sex. The effect will last for about 4 hours. Men who have tried Generic Viagra are in great wonder because of its effects. The sexual life is restored, the duration of sexual activity gets prolonged, the erections become rigid.

The price of the medicine allow most men use generic Viagra regularly, contributing to normal sexual life and helping to deal with any relationship problems related to impotence. Generic Viagra has been approved by FDA and WHO confirming its high-safety status. Males can easily obtain this medicine online or in regular pharmacies. Prescription is not required; still, a doctor’s advice is always a good starting point for the treatment with generic Viagra.

Viagra drug interactions

§ Viagra is a well-tried medicine

Living in the modern world a man takes different medicines for different health conditions, treatments and vitamins to support one’s health.

Viagra, used for the treatment of ED in men, can often be combined by men with different medicines. Some of the combinations are dangerous and should be

The medicine is certified by many health organizations and approved by medical health authorities such as the FDA.

Men use Viagra for its best work, good results and limited side effects.

§ Before you use Viagra

Before using Viagra a man should consult a doctor and receive the information about the drug interactions possible with Viagra.

Some of the interactions are not dangerous and are acceptable. Others must never occur as they put a person’s life at risk.

§ Viagra can interact with other medicines

The main component in Viagra, Sildenafil is a very potent chemical element. It works in the blood system of the body and can react with other medicines which may be used at the same time.

vi1As Viagra remains in blood for more than 4 hours it can interact with other drugs during this time.

Special clinical trials devoted to drug interactions with Viagra were conducted. They revealed certain serious interactions with Viagra and their results were used as guidance for men who want to use Sildenafil.

Thus, the label available with Viagra contains full information about possible drug interactions. One should read this information and/or ask a doctor or pharmacist about them.

§ Dangerous drug interactions with Viagra: Sildenafil and nitrates

Viagra must never be used with medicines lowering the blood pressure, including nitrates, certain heart diseases. Being a mild vasodilator Viagra may interact with such medicines and increase their action in the body. The results can be very serious and even fatal.

Viagra and nitrates is a matter of great concern. Some men do not follow doctor’s advice about proper usage of Viagra and take this pill with or soon after nitrates (used for chest pain).

Dangerous interactions of Sildenafil with nitrates are confirmed by clinical trials and reports of men who used these medicines together.

Sudden lowering of blood pressure, heartbeat problem, dizziness, fainting and other serious events were

§ Other interactions should also be avoided

Other medicines interacting with Viagra and which you should discuss with your doctor are:
•    Antibiotics;
•    Antifungal meds;
•    Pain relievers;
•    AID meds;
•    Meds to treat hepatitis C;
•    Others.

If you are not sure about use of Viagra with other meds, you’d better consult your doctor. You can also read about drug interactions on the label available with the drug.

Have love again with Viagra!

viViagra is one of the most widely used medications for ED problem available on the market now. Since its acceptance in 1998, more and more men, who have ED, benefit from the treatment with this medicine.
Viagra successfully addresses the symptoms of ED (erectile dysfunction) in men. It allows men experience most powerful erections they ever have and helps even in most complicated cases of impotence.
Impotence is simply an inability to achieve or maintain an erection. Impotence can happen due to many factors or due to several different factors at once. This condition is more common in mature men, in those who lead unhealthy lifestyle or those who suffer from diabetes, hypertension or clogged arteries. Stress and emotional problems can also result in inabilities in bed. Viagra is the most recommended method of impotence treatment nowadays. It copes with ED caused by different factors. Men who start using this medicine say that their life has changed completely. They can have love again and are thankful to Viagra for that.
Males can buy Viagra on the internet. They can choose from brand to generic version of this medicine. Both versions of the medicine are the same effective as they contain the same active component – Sildenafil Citrate. Buying the medicine online is very convenient and cost-effective. Most men prefer buying generic Viagra as it is sold at more attractive price.
Still, besides, using Viagra as a treatment of ED, men should consider healthier lifestyle involving such improvements as quitting smoking, avoiding alcohol, weight management and eating healthy foods.
Impotence is unfortunately a life-long condition. Nowadays there is no treatment method which can cure this condition completely. But the medicines for oral use such as Viagra can help cope with all the symptoms of impotence and make a person feel much better, more confident and happier having normal sexual life.

Information you should know: Drug interactions with Sildneafil

sildenafil with other drugsOne dangerous drug interaction with Sildenafil which can lead to serious health problem and even death is stated in all prescription labels of the drugs containing Sildenafil. And every man knows that Sildenafil must not be combined with nitrates. Following this instruction men often ignore other recommendations of safe Sildenafil use, including its consumption with other medicines.
Before adopting Sildenafil one should check if the medicines he uses can interact with Sildenafil. Some medicines are not recommended to be combined with Sildenafil, they include:
•    Cobicistat
•    Darunavir
•    Fosamprenavir
•    Indinavir
•    Lopinavir
•    Molsidomine
•    Riociguat
•    Ritonavir
•    Telaprevir
•    And some others.
The medicines from the following list can affect Sildenafil in moderate rate, their use should be avoided if possible or special dose adjustments should be considered:
•    Dabrafenib
•    Dihydrocodeine
•    Eslicarbazepine Acetate
•    Nefazodone
•    Piperaquine
•    Primidone
•    Telithromycin
•    Voriconazole
Some medicines may increase the risk of side effects possible with Sildenafil. Others can make it less effective. Before using any medicine with Sildenafil it is necessary to make sure that there is no interaction between them.